Muncie Parts

Muncie Parts

We have a large selection of quality replacement parts for the Muncie.  All gear sets are made in Italy. You can purchase anything from complete rebuild kits, indiviual parts and complete transmission assemblies.   These are all new. DOWNLOAD our CATALOG for a complete list of available parts.


Muncie 4 Speed Rear Reverse Idler w/ Bushings
Muncie 4 Speed Strut Key Kit
Muncie Bearing Retainer Kit
Muncie Bolt Kit
Muncie Book and DVD Special
Muncie Cover Pivot Pin
Muncie Extended Fit Countershaft for 1" Bore Case
Muncie Front Bearing Lock Nut USA
Muncie Front Nut Wrench - USA made
Muncie Front Retainer - Steel Autogear Sealed Input Only
Muncie Front Retainer Lock Plates SET
Muncie Gasket and Seal Kit  for 27 Spline Output 1963 - 1970
Muncie Gasket and Seal Kit for 32 Spline Output 1970 - 1974
Muncie Heavy Duty Side Cover Kit - 1963 - 1974
Muncie Heavy Duty Tailhousing Kit - 27 Spline NEW

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