Muncie Parts

Muncie Parts

We have a large selection of quality replacement parts for the Muncie.  All gear sets are made in Italy. You can purchase anything from complete rebuild kits, indiviual parts and complete transmission assemblies.   These are all new. DOWNLOAD our CATALOG for a complete list of available parts.


Muncie Heavy Duty Tailhousing Kit - 32 Spline NEW
Muncie M20 New Gear Set - Made in Italy
Muncie M22W  New Gear Set - Made in Italy
Muncie Midplate - Billet Aluminum
Muncie Midplate - Nodular Iron
Muncie Oil Slinger
Muncie Rebuild Kit -  Years 1964-1965
Muncie Rebuild Kit -  Years 1966-1974
Muncie Rebuilding DVD
Muncie Reverse Shift Fork
Muncie Shift Fork - Standard OEM Replacement
Muncie Side Cover HD Detent Spring - 20LB
Muncie Synchro Ring - Early Style 1963 - 1965
Muncie Synchro Ring - Late Style  1966 - 1974
Muncie TCS Switch Plug 8877723

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