New Muncie Transmissions

The Muncie Transmission is back! General Motors stopped installing "Muncie" 4 speeds in 1974. Complete units were able to be purchased from GM until the late 1970's. Parts trickled out of inventory by the late 1980's. With the quality of used Muncie transmissions getting worse in the last 10 years, the idea of making new improved Muncie parts was becoming a reality. Using the best components currently made for the Muncie today we are now able to supply replacement Muncie 4 speeds for a variety of applications. Whether you want a simple replacement M20, a street / strip drag transmission or one made for endurance racing , we can build you one.

Why should you purchase a new Muncie 4 Speed from us?

Paul Cangialosi has been involved in the manual transmission parts and rebuilding business since 1981. His BOOK on building and modifying manual transmissions is an Amazon best seller. His new MUNCIE BOOK, due out in October of 2014, explores Muncie rebuilding, performance tips, and history. He is actively involved in building new Muncie 4 speeds for a variety of specific applications. Between the Internet and Ebay there are a great deal of people putting together "new" Muncie 4 speeds with similar or inferior parts. The problem is that some may use some new parts mixed with used parts. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are also the only company selling our state of the art SPEC-25 Muncie, designed for endurance racing, historic racing and SCCA A-SEDAN classes. When making a decision to purchase, please compare our features.