This page will give you some in depth views into the problems associated with Doug Nash Overdrive units used in 1984 to 1988 Corvettes. Since many shops have little or no experience in dealing with this odd ball gearbox the images will show you what has happened inside, the cause, and the proper repair procedure. It is my intention that by sharing my 15 years of knowledge in rebuilding overdrives, more people will understand its function as well as become more educated. The new knowledge gained will hopefully make you repair them correctly or help make the proper repair decision. I've personally rebuilt an average of 120 overdrives a year for the past 15 years. We have shipped them globally to individuals and GM Dealerships. We have also become a vendor for General Motors and continue to make and sell parts for this particular transmission. In that same time frame we have only seen about 3 percent of our units come back to us in that 15 year span.

We continue do redesign component parts for the overdrive and pick up where General Motors and Doug Nash left off.

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