Assembling a JT5 Model RC

Assembling a Model RC ( Rally Clutchless ) 5 Speed. (c) 2000 Medatronics Corporation

With 3-4 side of mainshaft facing down install 1-2 slider with fork groove towards front.

Use grease to hold the 1/4" steel ball that retains the 1st gear roller bearing race.

Slide the 1st gear roller bearing race on the mainshaft and locate it on the 1/4" ball.

Insert the1st gear roller bearing assembly onto the race. Make sure to oil it.

Next 1st gear slides onto the bearing assembly. Check that all gears spin freely.

Install and grease the rear bearing cone.

Insert the 3-4 slider. This can be installed anyway, it is bidirectional.

Hold the gears in place as you drop the complete assembly it in the maincase.

Slide the rear bearing race in place. I've also installed the the 5th-Rev shift rail.

Apply Red Loctite to the upper 5th gear splines before you slide on the gear.

Install the upper 5th gear and retaining ring. Be careful not to over stretch this snap ring.

Slide on the lower 5th gear. Apply a little grease in the inside bore of the gear.
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