Planet Timing:
Planetary gears in the 4+3 overdrive are not like automatic transmission planetary assemblies. Because of this difference, we recommend that you understand this concept. Normal planetary gear systems have a sun or center gear, 4 planet gears, and an outer ring gear. Since the 4+3 has no ring gear but rather 2 stage planets each planet must be timed with one another so the stages remain in phase. There are timing marks on the second stage ( punch marks actually ). Line the marks up as shown in the picture. Then place the sun gear in the planetary.

Timing image

If the sun gear drops in... your in time. If it doesn't drop in, notice which of the 4 gears moves or gives you the most resistance and reposition it. After the gears are in time or thought to be in time, place the carrier section on. It should drop right on. Do not force the carrier on! If the carrier doesn't drop on you are still out of time and must reposition the gears. This can be a time consuming task.

GM .68 Overdrive Set No. Is: 14105940
GM .59 Overdrive Set No. Is: 14091491
GM .68 Sun Gear No. Is: 14082711
GM .59 Sun Gear No. Is: 14091492

MK2 RPO is .68 Overdrive
MH5 RPO is .59 Overdrive

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