Hurst Shifter Rebuild Service

Hurst Shifter Rebuild Service
Hurst Shifter Rebuild Service
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We can rebuild your Hurst factory or aftermarket Competition Plus shifter, to restore it to it's original feel. Over time, corrosion attacks the shim plates and internal springs, causing excessive play in the shifter mechanism. Grease often hardens, preventing  proper spring action. We dissasemble all shifters, clean and inspect them thoroughly. We then replace all nessessary parts with genuine Hurst components . We are an authorized Hurst dealer, make our own  selector pins in the USA, and use coil wound roll pins in all our builds, which are stronger than the commonly used, cheaper  split roll pins . We also manufacture our own bias springs, tuned to our specs, here in the USA 


PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS FORM HERE and mail it in with your shifter. No charges will be processed until work is completed. Call us at 561 743-5600 if you need further information