V12 Adapter Bellhousing

V12 Adapter Bellhousing
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Our Jaguar 5 Speed Conversion Multi-Pattern V12 bellhousing was designed for several reasons. First we needed a new bellhousing for our popular V12 E-Type 5 Speed conversion. Second we wanted to offer a bellhousing for people to install a wide variety of transmissions against a Jaguar V12 engine that may be in an XJS, E-Type, street rod, etc.

What we did is come up with a bellhousing that uses both early and later Jaguar V12 dowel locations. We also added a multi hole pattern that will accomodate some popular 4 and 5 speed platforms.

Technical specifications:
The bellhousing uses a 4.680" diameter register bore. This is the standard General Motors register. It is smaller than any other register. This allows you to turn down retainers from other transmissions rather than have to make spacer rings which are more work.

It has the standard FORD style T5 pattern. The Ford style T5 pattern was used on all FORD products, JEEP, later GM, NISSAN, COSWORTH SIERRA, and TVR Borg Warner T5 5 speeds.

It has the standard Tremec pattern. This pattern is used on all TREMEC 3550 and TKO transmissions, FORD TOPLOADER 4 SPEED, RICHMOND GEAR 5 and 6 SPEED transmissions. JERICO, G-FORCE, TEX RACING, and JT5 dog tooth off road racing transmissions use this pattern as well. The T56 transmission WILL NOT WORK since it does not use the standard Tremec bolt pattern.

It is heat treated T356 alloy. It has NO provisions for clutch forks since it was designed for multi purpose. Companies such as Tilton Engineering, Mcleod Industries, and QuarterMaster make several different bearings

Typical hydraulic release bearing

One of the nicest benefits of the bell is that you can now do a 5 Speed conversion for an XJS Jaguar on a budget. Since most Tremec transmissions can be purchased for under $1700.00, with a little work and fabrication on your part a nice conversion can be obtained at a cheaper cost than some of the complete packages offered today.