Muncie Zero-Rok Slider and Hub

Muncie Zero-Rok Slider and Hub
Brand: Super 661
Product Code: M-80A
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Price: $75.00


The Zero-Rok light weight slider and hub are matched for a perfect fit. GM sold matched hubs and sliders to avoid sloppy fits. They have roughly 50 percent less clearance than typical aftermarket combinations sold elesewhere.  State of the art heat treatment and plug quenched to avoid distortion. You still need some clearance for thermal expansion as well as proper lubrication. These are flank fit, meaning the fit is based on the side cleance of the spline to avoid any indexing error often seen with other assemblies. Sloppy fits cause sliders to index the synchro rings with less precision. The hub is nitride hardened to avoid spline distortion. These are sold as ONE Slider and ONE HUB as a matched pair. These will make a great upgrade to any Muncie rebuild. Drag race, road race proven. This works with LATE STYLE RINGS ONLY!  If ordering two sets, they will be matched as 1-2 and 3-4 assembly.