T5 Peel and Place Shim Kit

T5 Peel and Place Shim Kit
Brand: Super 661
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The Peel ‘n Place T5 World Class shim kit was designed by Paul Cangialosi and makes shimming T5 countergear and maindrive gears very easy. The standard factory procedure for shimming a T5 requires a large assortment of shims. To shim the countergear one shim must be substituted for another until the correct preload is achieved. To shim the maindrive gear one shim or a combination of shims must be used to arrive at the desired preload. It becomes very costly to keep a wide variety of shims on hand.

The current price for a peel and place upper and lower shim set is $16.00. Conventional shim sets can cost upwards to $60.00 from Ford or Chevrolet. This kit uses a a single upper shim and a two piece lower countergear shim. The countergear shim set has one solid shim and one peelable shim.