Super T10 4 Speed NEW - 2.88 Ratio

Super T10 4 Speed NEW - 2.88 Ratio
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Richmond 4-Speed Super T-10 Transmission

2.88 Ratio Super T10
PN# 1304000072

This new 1304000072 Super T10 is built by us and blueprinted to our specs. Using forged synchro rings, bronze thrust washers,and sealed bearings. This can be used as a replacement Super T10 issued in GM cars from 1975- 1982. The 2.88 1st gear ST10 transmission is ideal for vehicles equipped with 2.76 to 3.31 axle ratios. These make great replacements for standard Muncie 4 speeds. Ask us about how to convert your shifter and clutch. These take a week to build. We will need your axle ratio and tire size to install the correct speedometer gears. Inclue your make and model car. YOUR ORDER IS NOT CHARGED UNTIL WE ARE READY TO SHIP.

  • GM Applications Only
  • 4-Speed Countershaft Transmission
  • Aluminum Case & Extension Housing
  • Approximate Dry Weight: 70 pounds
  • Oil Capacity: 2.4 U.S. pints
  • Center Distance: 3.25"
  • Input Shaft: 1-1/8", 26-Spline
  • Output Shaft: 1-3/8", 32-Spline
  • Side Lever
  • Helical Cut Gears
  • Synchronized in All Forward Gears
  • First & Reverse in Constant Mesh to Prevent Gear Clash
  • Strut-Style Synchronizers for Easier Shifting & Longer Life
  • Ratios 2.88 1st, 1.91 2nd, 1.33 3rd , Direct 4th

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