Muncie 4 Speed Gasket Set - 1963 to 1974

Muncie 4 Speed Gasket Set - 1963 to 1974
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Brand new high performance "RedLine" gasket set for the Muncie 4 speed that has gasket surfaces printed with silicone sealant. Comes with a .030" and .015" thick front retainer gasket as well as an unsealed 1963 front retainer gasket so every type Muncie configuration is covered. Shrink wrapped on hard cardboard stock to avoid damage unlike other sets sold loose or bagged. These provide a better seal then standard gaskets and a clean final assembly look because you do not have to use additional sealant with them. These gaskets save assembly and clean up time compared to using standard tube type sealants along with gaskets. No more wiping sealant off your finished rebuilt Muncie. If you want the best and not cheapest gaskets for your Muncie then grab a RedLine set.

These were designed by Paul Cangialosi author of the popular Muncie book.