Driven Racing Oil 00738 Extreme Pressure Grease

Driven Racing Oil 00738 Extreme Pressure Grease
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New Driven Racving EPG Extreme Pressure Grease from delivers unrivaled protection. Driven’s Extreme Pressure Grease is designed for the toughest high-load and high-temperature applications. It is also perfect for centers when machining, as well for use as a thread lubricant. It features a greater load-carrying capacity and a higher dropping point than traditional lithium greases. This means it will maintain integrity and thickness, even in extreme heat. This premium grease also delivers exceptional mechanical stability for improved protection. It resists water wash-off and spray-off as well. Driven Extreme Pressure Grease provides exceptional consistency and wear resistance. It is for use anywhere that calls for an NLGI #2 grade grease. Used by Paul Cangialosi to grease seals as well as shifter bushings.