Muncie M22Z Gear Set - Made in Italy

Muncie M22Z  Gear Set - Made in Italy
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Upgrade your worn out Muncie gears with a completely new M22Z set. 10  SPLINE INPUT . The M22Z gearset has a 2.98 ratio 1st gear for better drivability for use with 2.73 to 3.31 axle gears. These are stronger and better machined than Taiwan made pieces you see frequently on Ebay along with ratios that make better sense. All engagement teeth are machined like original GM gears, so there is no need to use special sliders with them. The countergear's wall thickness has been increased and the need for a needle bearing spacer tube eliminated. This aids in a more accurate alignement of the needles. Both the countergear and input shaft have improved radius, eliminating sharp stress risers.  The input shaft has a smooth tapered entry to aid in the installation of the pilot needles and the pilot tip is slightly longer to compensate for engine block plates.‚Äč 

This new M22Z replacement Italian made gear set is designed to increase acceleration and performance in cars using axle ratios from 2.73 to 3.31. Comes in with 10 spline input. ALLOW 1 WEEK PROCESSING TIME.
Ratios are: 2.98 - 2.04 - 1.47 - 1 to 1

  • 1st Gear
  • 2nd Gear
  • 3rd Gear
  • Input Shaft 10 Splines
  • Counter Gear
  • Front Reverse idler