Pow-R-Shift Upgrade Kit For Hurst Shifter

Pow-R-Shift Upgrade Kit For Hurst Shifter
Brand: Super 661
Product Code: PS-1
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Our New Super661 Pow-R-Shift PS-1 upgrade kit for newer Hurst Competition Plus 4 speed shifters  was designed to correct problematic 2-3 shifts where the shifter allows the transmission to "hang" or get stuck in 2nd gear. This is includes a new 8620 Heat treated selector pin that has been machined to tighter specs. It also included 2 coil wound pins which are much stronger than split roll pins. The kit comes with 3 shim plates. An upgraded correct .050" mid plate and selective .010" and .015" plates that are placed between the shifter body and stock wave plate. Contact us at if you need help with this product.