Muncie M20 4 Speed Transmission

Muncie M20 4 Speed Transmission
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This completely new M20 has a 10 spline input shaft and 27 spline output shaft. It comes with universal shifter shafts.  It is designed to replace 1964 to 1969 GM Muncie tranmissions.  You should leave a description of the rear axle ratio, make and model and rear tire size so the correct speedometer gears can be installed. When making a decision to purchase a transmission it's best to always call us at 561-743-5600 so we can aid you in choosing the correct transmission. Credit Cards are charged when we ship. Works best with axle ratios 3.23 to 3.70 with a 26" diameter tire.

Ratios are: 2.52 - 1.88 - 1.46 - 1.00
New Super Case
New alloy billet midplate 
Bronze bushed BILLET ALLOY side cover
New Heavy Duty Tailhousing with line honed bushing
Zero rock sliders with matching hardened hubs

All new internals
Hex head fill and drain plugs
Forged synchro rings
Bronze  thrust washers.
Anchored countershaft to BILLET ALLOY mid plate
Uni-Cluster Counter Gear with no spacer tube
Universal Shifter Shafts
Forged Shift Forks
Rifle drilled lightened mainshaft
High Speed 1st gear bushing
New Italian Made M20 Heavy Duty Gears

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