JT5 Jaguar 5 Speed Conversions and Parts
For ALL Jaguar E-Type, XK and Mark II Cars

Here is a car built by XK'S Unlimited, using a custom built JT5 with our Sebring Overdive gears. It uses one of our JT5 modular bellhousings. Watch Jay Leno put it through the paces.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the JT5 5 Speed. The JT5 is the most widely used 5 speed conversion for vintage Jaguars and other cars in the WORLD. This design has stood the test of time since 1995. Unlike other companies that claim to have a 5 speed kit that is "the ultimate","best","strongest", or have "installed the most", we are the only full time manual transmission manufacturer (since 1981) offering such a kit. The JT5 is designed by Paul Cangialosi, ( published author of Building and Modifying High Performance Manual Transmissions). Please take some time to explore the website and the various related links.