Second Life Land Listings specializes in renting premium SecondLife properties in MainLand and Estate regions within the SecondLife Grid. Started in 2007 we have continued to provide quality support for those wishing to get started and explore SecondLife. We take great in pride in having a majority of long term tenants, which in turn helps us improve service to meet a wide variety of demands and lifestyles.

Questions? Contact Blaccard Burks in world.

Residential Properties:
We have a wide range of bare lots from 80m2 up to full regions for rent. Most regions have protected views as well as access to large tracts of Linden Ocean not possible with Private Estate regions. Some regions are themed communities with prefab rental homes while others have bare lots surrounded by exceptional looking common areas.
Commerical Properties:

Premium commerical rental properties are in areas that get natural traffic flow. These parcels are affordable and have real traffic statistics based on real traffic and not "camping bots". A better choice than any mall and usually located next to busy Linden InfoHubs oe Welcome Centers.

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