Slayton Shores is a mainland region that is double protected by Linden Water. The community was designed to offer complete parcel rentals that give direct ocean access to over 50 Linden Ocean Sims. Parcel Tenants have full control over the parcels including terraforming so that you can create your own access channels to the water. The community common areas feature bridges, docks , walkways, lighting and other nice touches. There are also 6 rental bungalows with nice views.

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Drawbridges open on demand providing everyone with access to the Linden Ocean.
There is a protected Linden water channel in the community. Shown is our public access dock and the rental bungalows.
Walkways feature lighting and landscaping. Lights automatically turn on at night. Night time crickets and daytime birds add to the ambiance.
This is basically the first picture of the empty lots we have for rent. Since Slayton came online in May of 2008 most of these lots are always in demand.

Pricing and availablity:

Lots vary in size and shape. A typical 8192 Lot offers 2000 prims and a 4096m2 lot 1000 prims. Pricing ranges from a bungalow rental of L$450 with 300 prims to a large 8192m2 lot for L$2675.00

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