JT5 5 Speed Model RC Enduro and Model CR 5 Speeds

With the long standing success of the original Model RC gearbox. We have been working hard to improve the power levels as well as compatability with existing race transmissions commonly used in endurance applications. The newer RC Enduro gear set includes a wider tooth profile, 9310 alloy gears, improved bearing design, optional Magnesium tailhousing, billet top cover, rollerized 5th gears, one piece mainshaft, and 26 spline 1 1/8" input shaft. Both gear sets have been successfully tested in engines exceeding 500 HP and putting out over 475 Ft. Lbs of Torque at 6500 RPM.


RC Enduro Gearset Shown

Model CR Gearset Shown

The model CR ( "Club Racing" ) 5 speed also uses 9310 alloy gears that use synchronizer rings. The agressive tooth profile produces a slight gear whine similar to the older M22 Muncie 4 speeds. These gear sets are designed for the performance minded enthusiast that needs a close ratio streetable gearset for club racing events or classes that require a full synchro box. You can order this box with the standard casing or with a magnesuim tail and billet top cover.

Ratios Offered:

  • 2.46 1.54 1.22 1.00 .89 ( Model CR and RC )
  • 2.94 1.94 1.34 1.00 .80 ( Model CR )


Price: $3875.00 Model RC
Price: $2300.00 Model CR

Close up picture of Model CR Gears