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The Medatronics Corporation was started in 1981. We were primarily a machine design studio. We specialized in gear train design and packaging machinery for industrial and bio-medical fields. Our Autodyne division was spun off to handle the increasing demand for our gear train designs used in the automotive and military sector.
Some of our designs went into simple power take off mechanisms in M1 Army Tanks, gear trains to drive pumps in bio-medical packaging machinery and improved durability in overdrives used in Twin Turbo Callaway Corvettes.

• We accept orders by phone. The number is (561) 743-5600
• We accept orders online: Click here for the secure shopping cart
• We no longer accept COD orders due to restrictions placed on us by UPS and FEDEX. Also the increased amount of refused COD shipments has created more paper work and losses for us.
• We accept Mastercard and Visa
• You can also prepay your order by personal check or money order.
• We have a money back refund policy on all products except custom built gearboxes for a period of 90 days. Parts must not be used, rebuild kits must be complete and in original package. Freight charges are not refunded.

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