JT5 in Team Predator Cars

David Hinton's 1952 XK120

JT5 transmission technology has been tested and raced in Team Predator cars since 1995. After 2 years of testing we were confident enough for the JT5 to be released to the public. We are proud to be part of the Predator Performance Team and are excited as to how well these cars perform with our 5 speeds. Three Jaguars are in the current line up. Below are the basic specifications for each car. These cars race in HSR sanctioned events.

Car Number Model Jaguar and Engine Driver
#61 1961 E-Type Coupe with a 4.2 L engine Larry Ligas
#7 1961 E-Type Coupe with a 4.2 L engine Ron Evans
#52 1952 XK120 with a 3.8 L engine David Hinton

Car #61 originally had a JT5 with a .90 overdrive running for 3.5 years. It now uses a Jericho 4 Speed transmission. The driver Larry Ligas came in first overall in HSR in 1999. In fact most of that year the car was running a JT5. It was actually our recommendation to switch to a Jericho to get better gear ratios. Our new JT5-RC 5 speed solves this issue and production for that box is scheduled to start in late Sept. / early November 2003. It is possible that the new Enduro 5 speed may be in Larry's car for the Daytona 2003 HSR finals. Car's # 7 and # 52 always run our JT5 gearboxes. Car # 7 runs a stock JT5, while # 52 runs an early design Model RC. This is one of our first RC boxes built and has been going for 4 seasons strong.

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All E-Types have Carbon Fiber Bonnets and alloy doors. The XK120 has alloy doors and an alloy trunk. These parts are made by Predator and can be purchased from them by calling 727 539-0218.

61 E-Types
The two Predator 61 E-Type Coupes

Every year during the race weekend of the12 hours of Sebring HSR holds Enduro and Dash races. This year Dash races for each class were held on Friday March 17th, 2000. The 1 hour Enduro races for each HSR class were held on Sunday March 19th, 2000. Both E-Types run in the GT Group # 6 class. The XK120 runs in the Vintage Group # 3 class. This year at Sebring marked a special event since England's Aston Martin Owners Club shipped some cars over to compete with American teams. The Anglo American Challenge pits American Sports Cars such as V8 Camaros, Mustangs and Corvettes against English sports cars of that same period. Over 25 cars were shipped from England including 3 of the fasted E-Types. It was great to see English racers in Camaros, Cobras and Corvettes running against Americans in E-Types and Sunbeam Tigers. Most Jaguar enthusiasts are curious as to how these races went. Please click on our results page for the details.

Click on the below thumbnail images for larger size pictures of the JT5 driven race cars

David Hinton's XK120

Two 61 E-Types

Engine Detail Car # 7

Engine Detail Car # 52

XK's New Vintage Racer

Prepping # 52 For a Race

Dry Sump Detail Car # 52

Engine Detail Car # 61

Larry Ligas' E-Type Coupe


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