New JT4 4 Speed in Predator Built E-Type

Paul Cangialosi with car # 3

JT5 transmission technology has been tested and raced in Team Predator cars since 1995. Some classes require only 4 speed synchro transmissions. This E-Type was built for a customer of Predator Performance for VSCDA sanctioned events. Obviously a JT5 5 speed couldn't be used so we were asked to build a durable 4 speed. We had already been working prototyping a new Muncie 4 speed case design and nodular iron center support and were just waiting for a newly designed M22 style gearset. The JT4 4 speed idea Paul Cangialosi had was to build a transmission that was an ultra close ratio street 4 speed. This 4 speed would be basically a full synchro version Muncie transmission ( popular in GM muscle cars ) using M22 style gears ( almost straight cut gears ) but with a closer ratio spread. There are currently no manfacturers making a 4 speed such as this. See the M22X build up page to learn more about the transmission. Pictures of the Jaguar were taken August 30th at a Sebring Raceway test day session. The nice thing about this transmission is that anyone can purchase the parts to make one using any standard Muncie 4 speed core.

Predator E-Type race cars are very detailed, clean and light. This roadster has a carbon fiber bonnet, alloy doors, carbon fiber rear flares and extensive hand made aluminum panel work.
Predator's trade mark rear surround panel. Take a look at the rear tail lights. The inside edge of each light sports exhaust ducts that funnel hot air away from the rear brakes.
Here one can see the extensive roll cage work, custom tunnel and dash. The dry sump oil tank is to the left of the shifter. All surround panels are removable with a combination of aluminum button head fasteners and Zeus quarter turns. The little Lexan windscreen pulls out by hand so it can be easily cleaned.
Here you can appreciate the interior detail as well as some more roll cage detail to the right. The JT4 transmission uses a Hurst Super Speedway Shifter. These are the lightest and strongest shifters they make.
With the tunnel cover off you can see the JT4 detail. These cars are designed for fast transmission removal. The factory crossmember section is removed and a new rigid tubed center section is welded in place. The JT5 bellhousing has bosses for GM patterns as well. The bellhousing also has an internally mounted hydraulic release bearing that stays on the bellhousing so you can slide the transmission in an out easily.
Car number 3 has a dry sump oil system. Predator casts their own Weber intake manifold. The 4.2L engine has 356 horsepower dyno tested by Terry's Jaguar in Benton Il. Water temperature and oil temperature never went above 200 degrees on this hot test day. Headers are custom made by Predator and both collectors dump out of the rocker panel.
Dave Hinton will test out the car and is seen checking tire pressure. The wheels were custom made 15 inch Pana Sport 3 piece wheels. Dave buckles up and heads out of the pits for some fun. This car took about 10 months to build. You can own one yourself completely turn key for $85,000. This car is scheduled to race at Watkins Glen Raceway in September and will return to Daytona for the HSR season end in December.

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