Major Features of the Spec-25 4 Speed

The Spec 25 transmission is a tribute to our customers. It is an accumulation of knowledge gained during 25 years worth of design, sales, and race team support in the standard transmission business. The Spec 25 transmission is in a class all by itself.
The synchronized transmission in road race applications has been ignored by most high performance transmission companies. Most deal in spur gear, non synchro dog ring designs. We decided that we would build a transmission that was legal for classes requiring a synchro 4 speed and apply all the Nascar style upgrades normally seen in high end transmissions costing over $7000.
The Spec 25 design incorporates all these features allowing us once again to "set standards" for others to follow. CLICK HERE to see an additional picture.

Case Components

The main case, side cover, mid plate and tailhousing are coated internally and externally with a CT-4 Dry Film Lubricant Coating. Is a durable non-stick coating with corrosion resistance and heat dissipating characteristics. It allows oil to flow much faster internally. The CT-4 coating creates a non stick outer surface for easy gasket removal and clean up.

MIKRONITE® material treatment imparts a high energy flow of abrasive and carrier media in a fluidized bath that cascades against the surface of a work piece while supporting its structure. This technology refines the surface of the part and as desired can create compressive forces, increasing the metals ability to resist deformation under load.Gears are shot peened and surface enhanced using this process.

The newly created surface now has an evenly calculated pattern of channels that promotes capillary distribution, and temporary adhesion of a lubricant, and has a reduced coefficient of friction.....