Muncie 4 Speeds
(M20 M21 M22)
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f you were told by our sales people what Muncie 4 speed to order you may place your order here. Before ordering your new Muncie 4 Speed it is a good idea to email us questions or simply pick up the phone and call us. This way we can make sure you get the correct unit. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of your transmission.
We sell only new transmissions. These make great replacements for the weaker Super T10.

What the transmission includes:
All NEW parts, nothing used or old stock. Supercase. nodular iron mid plate, tailhousing,new gears, new design roller shift cover, new design 1st gear sleeve. Even speedometer gears are new. Units are built in both 10 / 27 spline and 26 / 32 spline configuration for the same price.
Units start at $1700.00.

What you need to do:
These are direct replacements for your old worn out Muncie. They come with universal shifter shafts that are compatible with stud type 3/8-24 thread shifter shafts or later heavy duty shifter shafts which were standard in 1969 to 1974 model years. You can also get a mix of 10 or 26 spline inputs with 27 or 32 spline outputs. Sealed bearing retainers are only used with 26 spline M22 model inputs. So it it recommended that all M22 style transmissions be ordered with 26 spline inputs.

Ordering Tips :

Sealed bearing retainer is only available with a 26 spline input.
Roller 1st gear is standard on Lighweight and Spec25 models.

Rroller 1st gears are recommended for road race only and not for street use.

Model Type Ratios
M20 2.52 1.88 1.46 1.00
M21 2.20 1.64 1.28 1.00
M22 2.20 1.64 1.28 1.00
M22 - DS 2.20 1.64 1.28 1.00
M22W - DS 2.56 1.90 1.37 1.00
M22W 2.56 1.75 1.37 1.00
M22X 2.20 1.51 1.17 1.00
M22Z 2.98 2.04 1.47 1.00
SPEC-25 2.20 1.64 1.28 1.00
SPEC-25X 2.20 1.51 1.17 1.00
SPEC-ASEDAN 2.556/1.908/1.366/1.000