Ultimate Jeep T5 WC 5 Speed

The T5 5 Speed in Jeep transmissions was issued sometime in 1983. It was last used in 1986 cars. Some cars by 1986 had the Asian Warner ( Toyota) transmission which was later replaced by the Peugeot. Jeep or AMC have always been notorious for assembling cars using whatever drivetrain components they could get as cheap as possible. The reality is that no other manufacturer has switched drivetrain components ( especially transmissions ) as much as Jeep has had for a specific model.

Our version of the Jeep T5 uses correct 1 1/8" by 10 spline inputs, and a 23 spline output shaft. Also it incorporates the standard tail for the Dana 300 mount pattern. We've also incorporated our 5th gear stabilizer plate as a standard item. The aluminum front retainer has been eliminated for a more favorable cast iron one. This is a completely new transmission with all new internals.

Ratios for the Jeep T5WC are:

  • 1st 3.76
  • 2nd 2.18
  • 3rd 1.42
  • 4th 1.00
  • 5th .76
  • 1st 4.03
  • 2nd 2.37
  • 3rd 1.49
  • 4th 1.00
  • 5th.76

Currently this unit is not available. For further questions please call:

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We offer two ratios sets as listed above. This unit is a direct replacement for the T4 and T5. You can use your existing T4 shifter. It is a direct bolt on. It will also replace the older and much weaker SR4 4 speed. However you will have to find a replacement shifter. Some SR4 transmissions had a different size register bore for the front bearing retainer, so please measure it so we can get your the correct size.


Front Iron Retainer and 10 spline input.

Shifter uses standard Jeep T5 Pattern

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