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Now for any Ford T5 or Cosworth Sierra T5. The Sebring T5 5 Speed .80 Overdrive gear set is back! This gear set was originally designed for an Australian Race team by us over 8 years ago. Other companies have manufactured gearsets based on this very design. Due to overwhelming demand, we have reissued this gearset with competitive pricing and quality you can expect from us.

S80 Sebring Overdrive Set

S80 upper 5th on the left - Factory on the right

Designed for the Ford World Class T5 or any other World Class T5 using a 28 or 23 spline mainshaft. This close ratio 5th speed gear set is designed for road racing purposes and will yield a .81 ratio overdrive with a 2.95 ratio T5 and a .92 ratio overdrive with a 3.35 ratio T5. If you require this gearset in a General Motors T5 you can substitute a Ford mainshaft in place of the GM piece and change your driveshaft yoke. This is a direct retrofit to the weak .80

Design concept:
The factory Ford Motorsport and Cosworth Sierra T5 .80 overdrive set used a gearset with a tooth combination of 33 teeth upper and 53 teeth lower. By creating a new set with less teeth and a .100" larger diameter upper gear, realized strength improves greatly. The new tooth combination of 20 teeth upper and 32 teeth lower yields virtually the same exact gear ratio making it very desirable for road race use.

S80 on the left - Factory on the right.

Notice how thin the factory gear teeth are.

Other Features:

  • Chrome Moly (SAE 8620) alloy heat treated for road race applications.
  • Snug press fit assures concentricity and optimum strength.
  • Snap ring land is flat ground to maximize load bearing surface area.
  • Helical cut gears for reduced gear noise when in 5th gear. However racing gears do have some noise.
  • Only .100" larger in diameter than factory .80 sets, allows use of stock bearing.

23 Spline Cosworth Sierra 5th Set. THIS SET IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Factory Ford and Cosworth Sierra T5 tailhousings only need a small area opened up for the 5th gear to clear properly. The area that is approximately .500" below the bearing land has plenty of clearance. The area after that (marked with black X's) is simply ground open with a die grinder.
One can clearly see in the picture that the S80 upper gear cannot fit through the rear bearing race. Factory .68 overdrive gears can. You must press this gear onto the output shaft after the mainshaft is installed in the main case.
In stock and ready to ship. Other recommended parts are our Countergear Stabilzer and Peel n' Place Shims. Price: $ 245.95 per set