T5 World Class Peel 'n Place Shims
Made in USA

Designed by Paul Cangialosi, the Peel ‘n Place T5 World Class shim kit makes shimming T5 countergear and maindrive gears very easy. The standard factory procedure for shimming a T5 requires a large assortment of shims. To shim the countergear one shim must be substituted for another until the correct preload is achieved. To shim the maindrive gear one shim or a combination of shims must be used to arrive at the desired preload. It becomes very costly to keep a wide variety of shims on hand.

The current price for a peel and place upper and lower shim set is $16.00. Conventional shim sets can cost upwards to $60.00 from Ford or Chevrolet.
The new system only requires 3 shims. The maindrive shim is approx. .067” thick with peelable layers that are .002” thick. The countergear shim set uses a solid .087” service shim and a .077” thick peelable shim that has .002” thick layors.

A razor is required to start a “peel”. Use extreme caution. You can actually just peel down a shim until the desired preload is achieved. Remember to always seat bearing races by hitting all input, output, and countershafts with a rubber mallet before your final measurement.


Fits all World Class T5 5 Speeds except Turbo Thunderbird
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