Assembling a JT5 Model RC

Assembling a Model RC ( Rally Clutchless ) 5 Speed. (c) 2000 Medatronics Corporation

I start with a .120 wide shim and try to achieve a preload of 4 inch pounds.

Our counter gear stabilizer is a must. Tighten bolts using Loctite Red on the threads.

Here is a look at the countergear loaded in the T5 case with the reverse idler.

Insert the 5th-reverse pivot pin, pivot arm and retaining clip. Use Loctite Red on the threads.

Install reverse fork and return spring. Long end of spring attaches to reverse fork.

Here is what the upper RC gear train looks like. It is designed to assembly easily.

Insert 2nd gear thrust washer and spirol lok retaining ring. Don't cut your fingers!

Insert 2nd gear, needle bearing spacer and needle bearing. Oil needles.

Install rear 2nd gear thrust washer and snap ring.

Slide on 3rd speed gear.

Install 3rd gear needle bearing spacer and 3rd gear needle assembly. Oil the bearing.

Tap on 3 - 4 synchro assmbly inner hub. Use a press or an old socket. Be careful here.
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