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About Paul  by S. Wolf

Paul Cangialosi is President of Medatronics Corporation. 2010 is the 29th anniversary of this business.

He has relentless determination for perfection which landed him a responsible position as an engineer for Oyster Bay Pump at the early age of 21. The main thrust of his job was designing liquid pump systems for medical testing kits. His designs are still being used today and were implemented in NASAís Space Shuttle Program.

Frustrated with big companies and small minds, Paul repeatedly observed their failure to complete a product without endless red tape and wasted funds. In Ď81, at age 23 he cut the umbilical cord from corporate dictatorship, and gave birth to the Medatronics Corporation.

There were two main reasons for starting "Medatronics". The first was he was currently touring with a punk rock group as a drummer. A typical 9 to 5 job would no longer work with that schedule. Second, was his intention to select only choice projects, lease his brain to the highest bidder, and design what he felt was important. Some of these project designs include: An electronic enclosure for prototype Sony video cams. The M1 army tank power take-offs that drive cooling fans. Customized parts for 4 and 5 speed gear boxes.

Oddly, It is the automotive aspect of Paulís work that kicked up his adrenaline and became the focal point for Medatronics. Paul says: "I kept the old name of Medatronics. It confuses most people because it is a rather odd name for an automotive parts business. However it never started as an automotive transmission parts business. So I left it!" His automotive drive began at the early age of 12 when his father died and a family friend took Paul under his wing. This friend of his dadís was Fred, chief mechanic for Oldsmobile and a legend in his own time. He claimed Paul as his go-fer and soon the menial tasks grew into oil changes, tune ups, powertrain rebuilds and working as Fredís right hand man. Paul fondly reflects about those days. ďThere wasnít one thing we didnít do. Most people never have the opportunity to learn what I did.Ē Soon enough, he was in demand by street racers to tune their cars for the Sunday morning dragstrip races.

However, street racing and car shows did not overpower his dreams for the future, so he attended Brooklynís Polytech for computer science, a choice that formed a rock solid foundation for his destiny. Moving on, he graduated SUNY Farmingdale in Ď79 with a degree in Automotive Engineering Technology. Driven, focused and dead serious about his aspiration to create a business under his own rigid guidelines, he created Autodyne, the automotive division of Medatronics. In fact this website is one of the earliest automotive websites. The website was started in 1996 as one of those personal pages on Prodigy. The business changed from a local supply business to an international mail order business within a few years.

There are many products designed by Paul in these 29 years that have been used in thousands of cars worldwide.

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