6 Cylinder Jaguar Adapter Bellhousing

6 Cylinder Modular Bellhousing - $595.00

Our Modular 6 Cylinder bellhousing was designed for several reasons. First we needed a new bellhousing for our popular E-Type 5 Speed conversion. Second we wanted to design a bellhousing that people could purchase separately to adapt a Ford T5 transmission to a Jaguar 4.2 or 3.8 Liter Engine.

What we did is come up with is a unique design bellhousing that can be used on both 3.8L or 4.2L Jaguar engines. Just one part number works for both starter locations.

Technical specifications:
The bellhousing uses a 4.680" diameter register bore. This is the standard General Motors register. It is smaller than any other register. This allows you to turn down retainers from other transmissions rather than have to make spacer rings which are more work.

It has the standard FORD style T5 pattern. The Ford style T5 pattern was used on all FORD products, JEEP, later GM, NISSAN, COSWORTH SIERRA, and TVR Borg Warner T5 5 speeds.

It is heat treated T356 alloy and CNC machined. It has a provision for the standard E-Type clutch fork and hydraulic slave cylinder. It is predrilled to accept a Quarter Master Trilite hydraulic release bearing for road race applications.

Quartmaster Trilite Release bearing

One of the nicest benefits of the bell is that you can now do a 5 Speed conversion for any 6 Cylinder Jaguar using this bell with any used Ford T5 if you are on a budget. Of course this bellhousing is included in our E-Type JT5 conversion kit.

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