Assembling an X Rated M22

The M22 X Ratio is a special close ratio gear set specifically designed for the road race market. It incorporates extra close ratio ( thus x) gears making it ideal for dirt track and endurace racing. This project uses the Autogear SuperCase, M22X set, and iron mid plate. This is the "closest" of close ratio synchronized gear sets ever made for any street 4 speed. These gears use the M22 style helix angle which produces less case end loading and heat stress than normal Muncie gears. For information on ratios go our specification page.

The original core had ran low on oil and melted the 3rd gear teeth.

Here is the M22X gears with the iron mid plate and synchro sliders, hubs and mainshaft.

M22 1st gear modified with drawn cup needle bearing assembly pressed in..

Modified 1st gear sleeve requires extra care pressing it on the mainshaft. 2nd gear and 1-2 assembly are installed.

Assembling the rear bearing to the iron mid plate. The plate will girdle any Muncie case and tighten up bearing movement within the plate.

Here is what the mainshaft assembly with all gears, synchros, and plate looks like together.

I check all gears for dings and burrs. I give the countergear one last look before installing it into the Supercase.

The new case was designed to remove a great deal of factory end play. The new gear, needle bearings, and thrust washers yield .010"!

I use Permatex Gasket Eliminator on the soft plug ridge before prssing in the plug. This is another great feature of the Supercase.

I always prep the inside reverse idler gear by grinding an extra bevel on each tooth. This prevents the 1-2 slider from hitting it when it first gear. It is a common Muncie design error.

I drill the fill and drain plugs so that they can be safety wired. Since these have O ring seals, they are greased before they are installed.

Pass a file over all surfaces just to eliminate and burrs and keep things true. The tail gets new rear and reverse seals and a babbit bushing. I don't like bronze bushings.
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