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We continue building the X ratio M22. The concept of this article was to show you some of the great features of the new Muncie parts that I have been working on with Autogear . It was great to see that the dimensions I figured for on the original prototype cases being correct and work as planned. I'd like to thank George from Autogear for helping me share my vision and for having the guts to release a product no one else would dare to do.

I like to assemble the trans with the case flat down. The input with bearings and rings is in along with the reverse idler and thrust washer.

I like the 27 spline tails over the 32 spline ones. There is less surface speed on the rear seal and bushing and they are much more rigid. Note that I've plugged the speedo hole.

I give all the gaskets a coating of this gasket maker on both sides. It is basically Loctite in a gel form. It sets up fast and also prevents bolts from walking out.

Here are the M22X gears, mid plate, and reverse gears assembled into the main case. Note that it is actually standing on an old case.

Another shot of the partial assembly. The mid plate has a nice tight fit and requires using a block of wood and hammer to sink it home. So assembling in this position is a help.

The tail is also subject to the tightness of the plate and requires the wood block treatment. Like the torque wrench?

The Supercase comes with a wider sealed 307 bearing. Also take note of the pressed in soft plug seal on the countershaft.

The new case covers the bleed hole in the input. I mark where the hole is, tighten the nut, mark the nut, then take the nut back off.

I drill the bleed hole in the nut following my mark. When tightened, the hole should line up with the one on the input.

Here is a shot of the completed modification. I think this helps oil circulate through the needles, most other builders think I'm wasting my time.

With the input installed with just the .030" slinger that is in my rebuild kit, input shaft and countergear alignment are perfect. There is no need to do extra shimming with a Supercase.

I install the new bearing retainer with lock tabs. Some aftermarket retainers may require stacking 2 gaskets to get the correct seating without distortion.
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