Assembling a JT5 Model RC

The Model RC ( Rally Clutchless ) 5 Speed made its debut at RoadAmerica in Elkhart Lakes, Wisconson during the VSCDA Autumn Vintage race weekend September 22 - 24, 2000. This straight cut dog ring gear set fits in a World Class T5 5 Speed configuration. For information go our specification page.

Press front tapered bearing on. Notice cartridge style needle bearing.

Grease front cartridge needle and install inside of input shaft.

Place reverse idler in position, slide in idler shaft and locate rubber O ring stop.

Drive in idler shaft retaining roll pin. Drive it in until it protrudes evenly on top and bottom

Here is what the modular counter gear assembly looks like unassembled.

Slide 2nd gear on with tapered side up and recess counterbore facing down.

Slide 3rd gear section on with wide shoulder section facing up.

Install maindrive section with wide shoulder facing down.

Press on tapered front bearing cone and grease it. It keeps it all together.

Insert counter gear assembly in case. I've left out the 5th-reverse arm for easy assembly.

Grease the rear bearing cone and press it on the counter shaft.

Install rear race and shim. Having a large selection of shims from .115" to .138" helps.
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