JT5 - ENDURO 5 Speed Transmission
This item has been discontinued - This page is for reference only.

The success of the JT5 RC Model in vintage and historic racing has been proven worldwide since 1995. In an effort to improve the gearbox for more severe rally and endurance racing we have made several major improvements. Previous manufacture of our exclusive gear design was made in the UK. We broke off relations with the UK company because they started to copy and pirate our designs. The new "Enduro" design is an accumulation of two years studying the previous model RC in action and working with the same gear companies that make transmissions for NASCAR. The RC model 5 speed design uses "face tooth contact" spur gears similar to Formula One transmissions. The straight cut gears eliminate the heavy thrust loads and high heat that are normally generated by stock helical cut gears. Although helical cut gears are quiet and stronger for normal and high performance driving, heat and thrust loading of the gear train can offset that gain in strength.

The New JT5 Enduro Gear Set

Comparsion of the older JT5 model RC and the new Enduro model
Original JT5 RC
New JT5 Enduro
OEM stock 2 piece mainshaft One piece larger diameter 9310 alloy shaft
Standard 3-4 hub spline Larger 3-4 hub and spline
8 lug dog ring 6 lug dog ring
OEM non roller 5th gear Roller bearing 5th gear
One piece gear and dog ring Replaceable dog rings on 2nd , 3rd, and maindrive
Aluminum shift forks Bronze Forks on 1-2 and 3-4
OEM pilot needle bearings Tapered needle pilot for more capacity
Modular countergear Bigger but lighter modular countergear
10 or 23 spline 1.062" input shaft 26 spline 1.125" input shaft
Rear billet flange yoke on bushing Rear billet u-joint NASCAR style yoke
Aluminum Tail Housing Magnesium Tail Housing
9310 alloy gears Wider and stronger 9310 alloy gears
450 HP Capacity 600 HP Capacity


Stock Ratios Offered
First 2.43
Second 1.56
Third 1.24
Fourth 1:00
Fifth .89

Removable dog ring design

Street GearSet
Enduro Gear set with bronze forks

Steel caged rollers under gears

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