T5 5 Speed
Counter Gear Stabilizer
Made in USA

retainer picture

The T5 5 Speed was originally manufactured by Borg Warner and is used in many applications. Since 1982 this transmission has been used in Jeeps, Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, S10 Blazers, Chevettes, Astro Vans, and even in Nissan Z cars. It has seen many changes over the years and a complete history page will be up shortly. We carry a complete line of parts and kits for all T5 configurations and have been doing so since 1982.

The Counter Gear Stabilzer was designed by us to make the low end of the T5 World Class transmission more rigid. The factory rear bearing retainer will stretch and distort under severe loads and the bearing race is ONLY supported by the aluminum case. So whether you are pulling heavy RPM's off the line or doing 170MPH in 5th gear these design flaws can cause the counter gear to rock up and down on the taper of the counter gear bearings. This rocking motion will elongate the rear bearing bore in the case. It will also cause excessive clearance on 5th gear causing premature 5th failure.

Counter Gear Stabilzer Fact Sheet

  1. Rear bearing race is supported by steel retainer and case
  2. Heavy duty design allows for counter gear preload
  3. Preloading eliminates counter gear rocking
  4. Eliminates excessive 5th gear backlash
  5. Eliminates rear bearing bore case wear

Our vintage race Jaguars that we sponsor were breaking 5th gears approximately every 30 hours of race time. Since the addition of the Stabilzer breakage has been eliminated completely. These cars hit speeds in excess of 150MPH in 5th gear!

assembly 1 assembly 2 assembly 3
Stock Retainer installed. Remove 5th gear. Pry back lock tabs.
assembly 4 assembly 5 assembly 6
Shim new plate and
Loctite bolts.
Shims range between .120". and .129". Preload is 2 inch lbs.
Drive of wrench fits in
hole of gear.
assembly 7 assembly 8 Click here to go to main T5 index
New Stabilzer installed. Notice tight clearance
between 5th gear and

Comparison Picture
Notice the difference between our plate and the factory retainer.

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