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Side by side left side comparison of new SuperCase in the back and standard Muncie case in the front.

Back view of SuperCase (left) and standard Muncie case (right).
Side by side right side comparison of SuperCase (left) and standard Muncie Case (right).
Front bearing bore detail of stock Muncie case shows how thin the load area is in this section.
Front bearing bore detail of the SuperCase shows a larger improved load section for the front bearing.
Internal seam detail of a stock Muncie case and reverse idler web section.
Internal detail of the SuperCase shows no casting seams and a larger idler web section.
Top and front comparison of the SuperCase (left) and a stock Muncie case (right).

Front section of SuperCase shows better mounting ear design, and soft plug sealing area for countershaft bore.

Muncie "How To" DVD information - Click Here.

New Features:

  • 356T6 sand cast aluminum. Stronger than OE alloy and strongest aluminum alloy generally offered.
  • Thicker default material gage than used on OE castings.
  • Thicker mounting ears with gussets.
  • Cosmetic design similar to original style.
  • Case front section designed to use higher capacity and lower cost standard "307" maindrive bearing.
  • Soft plug sealing for the countershaft.
  • O-ringed straight thread fill and drain plugs, the latter with a magnet.
  • Kit includes front bearing. gaskets,fill and drain plugs,and soft plug.

It can be used for.....

  • Replacement case for any Muncie 4 speed with a 7/8" or 1" diameter countershaft.
  • Oval track racers wanting improved front bearing design and strength.
  • Street and strip applications requiring improved strength.
  • To make "new" Muncie 4 speeds with new M20, M21, and M22 gear sets that are now available.

Price per case kit is $269.95. Now in Stock! Visit our STORE to purchase.

For further information call Paul at 561-743-5600. or email him at

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