Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions

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The Doug Nash Muncie 4 speed case and gearset was produced in the late 1960's to early 1970's. The pictures show that yes Muncie cast iron cases did exist. The problem with the case is that although it was heavy and indeed made of nodular iron the reverse idler boss would break under load. This of course never happened with a factory GM alloy case. I guess this could have been the first sign that the Doug Nash Corporation was in trouble since this was the start of the typical "state of denial" the company was always in. Rather than fix the simple problem, they simply ignored it thinking it would go away. It did and the customers left. Eventually by 1986 after again not believing that the Corvette Overdrives they designed where flawed and the street 5speeds were breaking....Doug Nash packed his bags up, closed shop, and ran off with a bunch of money. Leaving General Motors and a bunch of vendors his mess.

The gear set Nash sold was based on a 12 lug "pro-shift" design. They were made for Doug Nash by Eaton Corp. I believe historically it was actually Jerry Stahl ( famous for his headers ) that had this gear set made. I could remember buying the gears in Stahl boxes. They were 9310 nickle gears using a special 2nd, 3rd, countergear and input shaft. At that time the T10 4 speed was being produced with 9310 nickle gears so the Nash set used a T10 1st gear with a special spacer and the remaining Eaton made pro- shift gears to complete the set.

One fault of this set was that the pro-shift gear lugs were machined into the gear. They were not removable. So as the lugs wore out, the gears would have to be returned to Nash to get the old lugs ground off and a new lug ring welded on. Nash's service was horrible and people were faced with bad lead times getting gears returned. Eventually Liberty's High Performance Products allowed people to send in Nash gears to be "reprocessed" by them.

The gears pictured in this article for example show a new input shaft with a one piece lug system and a 2nd and 3rd gear with replacement lug rings welded on. Liberty's Hi Performance Products relugged the worn Nash gears for me. They actually have their lug system patented.

I actually found this case at a swap meet at Englishtown NJ, Raceway Park. The gears I purchased years ago when I bought out the inventory of a major speed shop in PA. I sold these parts to a friend of mine called Brain at SK Speed. Brian was kind enough to let me photograph them for my upcoming book,video and of course the website.



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