Transmission Rebuild Kits

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What parts are in a Muncie Kit?

What parts are in a T5 World Class Kit?

Why should I purchase your kit?

Who makes your parts and bearings?

Why are some of your kit prices higher than those on Ebay?

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How can I purchase a new rebuild kit?

Medatronic's Autodyne division has been making rebuild kits for all popular domestic standard transmissions for over 34 years. Thousands of kits have been sold worldwide. All rebuild kits contain what are called "wearable" parts. Included are main bearings, synchro rings, gaskets, seals, countershaft, and small parts. Small parts include needle bearings, snap rings, tailshaft bushing, thrust washers, shims, roll pins, shift keys or "dogs", and springs. Many people copy our kits, but few take the time to make sure only OEM approved parts are packaged in each kit. Some manufacturers don't even include a countershaft! All kit components meet or exceed OEM specs. If you are not satified in any way we have a full refund policy. Original vendors who might have made these parts for GM, Ford or Chrysler, were tracked down and contracted to reproduce and improve our kits parts.

Most 4 speed kit pricing starts at $185.00.

Our rebuild kit page has moved. CLICK TO VIEW OUR ONLINE CATALOG. We have improved pictures and descriptions there.

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