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On July 26th 2000 we get to meet with the editor of Car and Driver Magazine. They are doing an article on the Low Drag Jaguar E-Type coupe. The "Low Drag" ssports a JT5 5 speed. Stay tuned for Mpeg video and more images on this car. See our Jaguar section for more details.

Eagle E-Types has a neat step by step progress picture of installations of our JT5 5 speed. Check it out at

The BenchCam is gone through many changes and is now movable. It sees a great deal of movement everyday.

We are working hard to finish a series of instructional programs that can be downloaded from our web site. I hope to have some content available for download by mid May of 1999.

My trip to Techno Classico Car Show with Vicarage Jaguar in Germany was a great success. I will try to have some interesting pictures available shortly. This show is held every year in April in Essen Germany. I also visited the people at Renanscence Racing located a little northwest of Coventry England. Their race E-type Jaguar took 1st in class during a 12 hour race in Jarama Spain. They run a short tail JT5.

The Predator Performance E-TYPE Jaguar runs a JT5 5 speed. It recently took first in class at Road America in Elhart, WI and Watkins Glen, NY vintage HSR sponsored races. We will have a page up shortly on this incredible car.

August 1998: Our T5 5 Speed countergear stabilzer is now completed and offered for sale. We have already sold large quantities to racers in GT1 and GT2 race cars. Please visit the new T5 PAGE for more information.

The new version of the Autodyne RPM Calculator is available for download. This new version supports custom gear ratios for Gear Box 1 and 2, Ratio information in the Help column, and the ability to save your screen as a TXT file with any name in any folder.

Paul will be at Moroso Motorsports park Feb. 7th at the Historic Races. Our JT5 5 speeds will be running in the Predator Performance Jaguars. The new E Type Coupe is on steroids. It has new fender flairs and aluminum doors.

The heavy duty rear countergear bearing support for the JT5 completed it's second racing season this year at the vintage races at Daytona with absolutely no breakage of 5th gears. These gearboxes are subject to speeds in excess of 150 MPH for 40 hours plus. It will be available for consumer use in June of 1998.


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