The JT5-CR Club Racing 4 or 5 Speed

The success of the JT5 5 speed in street, vintage and historic racing applications has been proven worldwide since 1995. The standard JT5 has seen over 600 installations in Jaguars alone. In an effort to improve the stock JT5 gearbox for more severe rally and club racing use we have made several major improvements. The "CR" stands for club racing. Most racing clubs require helical cut, synchromesh gears. Although the standard JT5 has seen 400 HP installations, stock parts become stressed when exceeding speeds above 150mph. The new CR set adds more strength to the gears by reducing the helical angle as well as better alloys. The box can be built as a 4 or 5 speed transmission.

The JT5 CR Gear Set

Comparsion of the STANDARD JT5 and the new CR model
Original JT5
New JT5 CR
23 Spline mainshaft 28 spline mainshaft
8620 alloy gears 9310 alloy gears
Stock OEM gears Stronger gearset with lower helix angle
10 or 23 spline 1.062" input shaft 26 spline 1.125" input shaft
400 HP Capacity 550 HP Capacity

Price starts at $2675.00. Call 561-743-5600

Stock Ratios Offered
First 2.94
Second 1.94
Third 1.34
Fourth 1:00
Fifth .90

JT5CR gear on top - stock on bottom

Street GearSet

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